Romanian Holidays - When to send gifts to Romania ?

Here is a list with the most important romanian holidays

New Years Day
In Romania the New Years Day is a very important holiday, and celebration begins on the 31 December evening and continues until the next day morning. Streets are full of people at midnight and everybody caries a champagne bottle so make sure that your surprise will have this item.

Little Unification Day
This is a national holiday and it refers to the Unification of the first Romanian Principates, Tara Romaneasca and Moldova, creating the first modern romanian state. If you know a romanian we are sure he or she will appreciate a gesture on this day .

Martisor Day
Martisor is a little trinket that symbolizes the coming of the Spring. This is a well know celebration in Romania and even a week before the streets are flooded with merchants that sells home made trinkets. We will add a Martisor to ALL orders delivered on this day. For free! ;)

Easter is a very important holiday in Romania, it is not regarded only as a religious date but as a family celebration, many romanians are keeping something called a "post", and they eat only vegetable food many days before this day. So right after midnight, in the first Easter Day they have a very rich meal with painted egs. Egg knocking is a very funny and important tradition in this period so make sure that your gift will have at least some chocolate eggs.

Labour Day
This is an official free day and it is celebrated usually at a barbecue. There is also a strong tradition in Romania to go to the sea side, even if the weather is not hot enough for a swim, it's all about having fun at the beach.

Mother's Day - first Sunday in May
Make sure you do not forget abot this holiday, we have alot of great gifts to be sent to all mothers in Romania :)

Father's Day - second Sunday in May
This is not a public holiday but does it really matter? All fathers must know that they are appreciated and you can easily send your feelings with one of our gift baskets. A whisky or wine is our recommendation.

International Children's Day
A very important day with alot of public cultural acts made for children.

St Mary's Day
If you know someone named Maria, Mariana, Marioara, Mariuca or Mari make sure to send your appreciation as those are the romanian names celebratig this holiday. Name Day is a very important day for romanians, almos as importan as the birthday.

St. Andrew Day
A name day for the ones named Andrei, Andreea, Andreia, Andrusca or Andrada. A lot of romanians have one of those names, make sure you don't forget about this holiday.

National Day
It celebrates the unification betweem the Romanian Kingdom and Transilvania, right after the first world war, on December 1st 1918 the "big state" of modern Romania has been created. We will add for free a tricolor ribbon in the national colors to all gifts sent to be delivered on this day.

Perhaps the most important holiday in Romania or in any christian country, this is a celebration of family. Make sure you send a gift with the traditional "cozonac" cake, and at least one bottle of wine.